Look for my monthly column, College Corner, in the Davis Enterprise.  I address timely topics pertaining to the college admissions process and provide explanations and information to help students and families navigate the process.  Below is a list of previous articles.

Scandal Highlights Need for Ethical Advisers, March 2019

Sweethearts Influence College Choice, February 2019

Does it Matter if a TA Teaches?, January 2019

Lessons Learned, December 2018

What does Pre-Major Mean?, December 2018

What are my Chances of Getting in to...., November 2018

Jesuit Colleges and Universities, October 2018

Application Checklist, September 2018

Colleges that Have Space Available, June 2018

Colleges that Change Lives, May 2018

Consider a TAG from the Community Colleges, April 2018

UC Trends in Admissions, March 2018

ISAs as Way to Pay for College, February 2018

Merit Money Primer, January 2018

Graduation Rates, December 2017

How to Explain Low GPA on Applications, November 2017

How LGBTQ Students Can Find the Right Fit, October 2017

College Trivia Pop Quiz, September 2017

Can I Bring Pets to College?, May 2017  

How to Save Money and Graduate in Three Years, April 2017

College Fairs, March 2017

Re-Starting if You are at the Wrong College For You, February 2017

Social Media and College Admissions, January 2017

Trends of 2016, December 2016

The Importance of Checking CSU Portals, November 2016

Qualifying for In-State Tuition at Out-of-State Publics, October 2016

Reporting Disciplinary Actions on College Applications, September 2016
Life Skills Issues to Consider in College, May 2016

New UC Personal Insight Questions, April 2016

Coalition for Access and Affordability, March 2016
College for Undocumented Students, February 2016
Test Prep, January 2016
Financial Aid Developments, December 2015
Avoid Senioritis, November 2015
Choosing a Major, October 2015
Supplements, September 24 2015
Letters of Rec, September 2015
What is the Deal with Wait Lists, May 2015
How AP Credits Count in College, April 2015
College Open Houses Are Worth Attending, early April 2015
Consortium Colleges, February 2015
Going to College Outside of the USA, January 2015
Overview of Financial Aid Process, December 2014
Co-op Programs and Colleges, November 2014
Honors Programs and Colleges, October 2014
Accelerated College Programs, September 2014
Unstructured vs. Structured College Programs, September 2014
What to Do over the Summer, June 2014
The Revised SAT, May 2014
How Many APs Should I Take?, April 2014
Community College Route, March 2014
Visual/Performing Arts, Military Academies, Single-Sex Schools, February 2014
What to Do if You are Deferred, January 2014
What the New Year has to Offer for College Financial Aid, December 2013
What GPA Does a Student Need for College?, November 2013
Pros and Cons of Public Universities vs. Private Colleges, October 2013
Regular Decision versus Early Action/ Early Decision, September 2013
Why College is Worth It, September 2013
When and How to Do College Essays, May 2013
Explanation of May 1st Deadline, April 2013 
Learning Differences and Applying to College, March 2013
Summer Activities, February 2013
College Visits, January 2013
Financial Aid, December 2012
Sports in College, November 2012
Application Season, October 2012
Testing, September 2012 

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